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Jeremy Rytky is a famous lawyer. He is a former United States Marine. He is the ex-husband of Full House actress Andrea Barber. Born on October 24, 1973, in Maine, he is currently 51 years old as of 2024. Rytky graduated from Whittier Law School in 2007 and served in the Marine Corps for four years. He is also a proud father to his children, Tate and Felicity. Rytky is 6 feet tall and his weight is 84kg.

His looks match his successful career and strong character. He is also known for his marriage to Barber from 2002 to 2014. As of 2024, Rytky’s estimated net worth is $3 million, a testament to his hard work and dedication. Join us as we learn about the life of Jeremy Rytky. We’ll learn about his family, career, and what led him to where he is today.

Who is Jeremy Rytky?

Jeremy Rytky is a person who has done a lot of cool things in his life. He was a Marine, which means he helped keep our country safe. After that, he went to a special school to become a lawyer, which is a person who helps solve problems for others.

Jeremy was also married to a lady who was on a fun TV show many kids love, called “Full House.” He’s a dad to two kids named Tate and Felicity, and he loves doing fun activities with them. Jeremy has worked hard and has done many things to be proud of!


NameJeremy Rytky
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1973
Age51 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Indeed, Jeremy Rytky’s real name is Jeremy Rytky! Like you, he has a name given to him when you were born, so did Jeremy. When his parents first saw him, they decided to name him “Jeremy”. “Rytky” is his family name.

He shares it with his parents and siblings, like you share your last name with your family. Names are special because they are a big part of who we are, and Jeremy’s name is unique to him, like yours is to you!

Early Life and Education

Jeremy Rytky grew up in Maine, known for its cold winters. In fall, the changing leaves make it pretty. When he was a little boy, not much older than you, he played outside and went to school. He learned about all sorts of interesting things.

As Jeremy got bigger, he kept learning. After high school, he went to a special school called Whittier Law School. That’s where people go to learn how to be lawyers. Lawyers are helpers in solving problems and making sure things are fair. Jeremy worked hard and learned a lot to become a good lawyer.

Parents and siblings.

Jeremy Rytky has a family like you do! He was born to parents who were very happy to see him for the first time. He might have brothers or sisters, like some of you do. Brothers and sisters can be your first friends.

They play with you and sometimes tease you, but they always love you. We don’t know their names, but they are a part of Jeremy’s family.

Jeremy Rytky and Andrea Barber decided to get married and become a family in 2002. Andrea was famous for being on a TV show called “Full House,” where she made lots of people laugh. Together, Jeremy and Andrea had two beautiful children, a boy named Tate and a girl named Felicity.

They all shared many happy times, playing games, going on trips, and having fun as a family. Jeremy and Andrea are not married anymore. But, they still care about their kids a lot. They work together to make sure Tate and Felicity are happy and loved.


Jeremy Rytky is a dad to two awesome kids, Tate and Felicity. Tate is his son, who loves to play outside and learn new things every day. Felicity, his daughter, enjoys drawing and sharing her beautiful artwork with everyone. Together, they have fun adventures, like going to the park or playing board games at home.

Jeremy loves spending time with them. He teaches them cool stuff and makes sure they always have a smile. They’re a happy family. They like exploring new places and making each day special with lots of laughter and joy.

Jeremy Rytky physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Jeremy Rytky is tall, like a giant! Imagine you stack six big rulers on top of each other – that’s how tall he is! He’s 6 feet tall. His weight is 84 kilograms. That’s how adults measure weight. Jeremy is strong, like cartoon superheroes. This is due to his Marine background and active lifestyle. He takes good care of himself. He eats and plays outside. This way, he can run around and have fun with his kids, Tate and Felicity.

Jeremy Rytky Before Fame

Before Jeremy Rytky became known for his cool jobs and being married to someone famous, he was a young boy. He was just like you. He grew up in a beautiful place called Maine, where the leaves turn amazing colors in the fall. Jeremy went to school and played, learning new things every day. Even as a boy, Jeremy dreamed big dreams.

He didn’t know he would become a Marine or a lawyer someday, but he was always ready to learn and help others. Before the grown-up stuff, Jeremy was a kid. He explored the world with wonder, like you do now!

Jeremy Rytky Career

Jeremy Rytky became a lawyer after studying hard in law school. Imagine being a superhero, but instead of a cape, you have books, and you fight to make things right for people. That’s what Jeremy does as a lawyer. He helps people when they’ve got big problems and need someone smart and brave to help them.

Before becoming a lawyer, Jeremy was a Marine. This means he was like a superhero protecting our country. Now, as a lawyer, he uses his brain and courage to protect people. He ensures everyone is treated fairly in a different way.

Jeremy Rytky Net Worth

Jeremy Rytky has saved a big treasure chest, not with gold coins, but with something called money. His net worth is estimated to $3 million!

It’s like having a mountain of toy cars or dolls, but in money form. He uses this to care for his family. He also uses it to go on adventures. He’ll even buy ice cream or toys for his kids, Tate and Felicity. It’s pretty cool to think about how saving money can lead to such a big number!

Jeremy Rytky Famous Reason

Jeremy Rytky became famous for a few reasons. One big reason is because he married a lady named Andrea Barber.

When Jeremy and Andrea got married, it was like he became part of a TV family that many people knew and loved. That’s how lots of people started to know who Jeremy was too! Being connected to a famous person can make you a bit famous too. That’s what happened to Jeremy.

Jeremy Rytky Nationality and religion.

Jeremy Rytky comes from a place called Maine in the United States, so he’s American. America is big. It has many different people and places. You might have friends from different places. Jeremy is from a part of America with lovely falls and cold winters. His beliefs and religion are personal.

They are like a special story or favorite toy that you keep to yourself. People believe in different things, and it’s okay. He, like everyone, has his own beliefs that are special to him, like you have things special to you.

Jeremy Rytky Legacy and Impact

Jeremy Rytky has left a mark in many ways, like footprints in the sand. He was once a Marine, protecting the country. Then he was a lawyer, helping people. But, his biggest impact is being a super dad to Tate and Felicity.

Jeremy shows us that doing your best in everything makes a big difference. This applies whether in a big job, like in the Marines, or at home playing with your kids. It’s like when you help a friend or finish a big puzzle by yourself; it makes you feel good and helps others too. That’s Jeremy’s special legacy.

Jeremy Rytky Future Plains

Jeremy Rytky has some exciting plans for the future! He dreams of taking his kids, Tate and Felicity, on adventures. They would go to new places where they can see amazing things and learn. Jeremy wants to keep helping people as a lawyer because he loves making things better for others.

He also plans to spend more time doing his hobbies, such as hiking, cooking, and reading. Jeremy believes in trying new things and making every day special. Who knows, he’ll learn a new hobby or find a new favorite place to explore with his family!


  • Jeremy Rytky likes to be outside in the sunshine. He enjoys walking and hiking on trails where he can see trees, birds, and sometimes even deer!
  • He also loves to read books. He enjoys stories about adventures and mysteries. They make you think and guess what will happen next.
  • Jeremy has an interest in cooking. He tries making new dishes for his kids, Tate and Felicity. They love tasting his yummy experiments!
  • Sometimes, he likes to draw and paint. He creates colourful pictures of places it’s been or dreams about visiting one day.
  • Playing games with his family is another fun hobby. They’ve been playing board games and card games, laughing and having a good time together.
  • Jeremy enjoys swimming too. He likes to splash and dive into the water, especially during hot summer days.

Interesting Facts About Jeremy Rytky

  • Jeremy Rytky was born on a cool day in October, like when the leaves change colors.
  • He was once a Marine, which means he helped protect our country.
  • Jeremy went to a school called Whittier Law School to become a lawyer. Lawyers help people solve problems.
  • He married an actress from a TV show called Full House. They’ve been friends now, but aren’t married anymore.
  • He has two kids, Tate and Felicity. They play fun games together!
  • He and another man who married a Full House actress both share this unique connection. It’s like being in a special club.
  • Jeremy has saved up $3 million, which is a lot of money. You could buy a lot of toys with that!


What did Jeremy Rytky do in the Marines?

Jeremy helped keep our country safe by being brave and working with a team.

How did Jeremy become a lawyer?

He studied hard at a school called Whittier Law School and learned how to solve problems.

Who did Jeremy marry from Full House?

He married Andrea Barber, who was like a friend on TV!

Does Jeremy have kids?

Yes, he has two kids named Tate and Felicity. They play lots of games together!

What are Jeremy’s favorite things to do?

He loves being outside. Jeremy loves reading cool stories. He loves cooking yummy food. And he loves playing games with his family.


In the end, Jeremy Rytky has lived a life full of adventures and many special moments. He went from being a brave Marine to a smart lawyer, and even married someone famous! Jeremy loves spending time with his kids. He enjoys activities like hiking, cooking, and playing games with Tate and Felicity. He’s pretty tall, like a basketball player, and he’s saved a lot of money.

like in stories where heroes go on big adventures and learn lots of things, Jeremy’s life is a bit like that too. Remember, it’s important to always try new things and to spend time with the people you love. That’s what makes life exciting and full of joy, like Jeremy’s.

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