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Lauren Chandiram is a British beauty was born on November 20, 1985, in London, United Kingdom, making her 39 years old as of 2024. People know Robert James-Collier as her husband. It’s her husband’s fame that has brought her attention. She avoids the spotlight.

She holds British nationality and is a resident of London, where she lives with her family. Lauren and it’s her husband are proud parents to a son named Milo James-Collier. Lauren is 5 feet 7 inches tall and her weight is 58 kilograms. Her looks are as impressive as her net worth, which is over $1 million.

Who is Lauren Chandiram?

Lauren Chandiram became famous for marrying Robert James-Collier, an actor on TV. Even though many people know her husband, Lauren likes to stay away from too much attention. She was born in a big city called London, in the United Kingdom, and she still lives there with her family.

Lauren and Robert have a son named Milo, and they love him very much. Lauren is a kind person who loves to spend time doing fun things like reading and painting. She enjoys quiet moments and keeps her life private from the world.


NameLauren Chandiram
Date of BirthNovember 20, 1985
Age39 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Real Name

Lauren Chandiram’s real name is quite simple, it’s Lauren Chandiram! Yes, that’s right. When she was born, her family gave her the name Lauren Chandiram, and she kept it even after becoming famous. It’s the name her friends, family, and everyone who knows her uses.

When you hear the name Lauren Chandiram, you know who we’re talking about. She loves to read, paint, and spend time with her family. like you might have a special name given to you, Lauren’s special name is Lauren Chandiram.

Early Life and Education

Lauren Chandiram grew up in a big, busy city called London. Imagine lots of cars, tall buildings, and parks. That’s where she was a little girl, like you or your friends. When she was your age, she went to a school in London. Think of your school, but in a huge city!

There, she learned to read, write, and do all the things kids learn in school. Lauren also made friends and played games during break time. School helped her become the smart, kind person she is today. She loved learning new things, just like you do!

Parents and siblings.

Lauren Chandiram grew up in a loving family. She’s got a mommy and a daddy who cared for her very much. They lived in a big city called London. Lauren might also have brothers or sisters, but we don’t know much about them. Her family loved to spend time together, doing things like going to parks and having fun at home.

Lauren’s parents taught her to be kind and to love books and painting. They are a big reason why Lauren is such a caring person today. like your family teaches you good things, Lauren’s family did the same for her.


Lauren’s husband is a man named Robert James-Collier. He is someone a lot of people might know from TV shows where he pretends to be different characters. Imagine playing dress-up and pretend, but as your job – that’s what he does! Robert and Lauren got married, which means they’ve promised to be best friends forever.

Together, they have a family and share lots of love and fun times. Robert helps make their home happy. It’s filled with laughter and joy, especially with their son, Milo. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone you can share all your adventures with?


Lauren Chandiram and Robert James-Collier have a son named Milo James-Collier. Milo is their only child and brings so much joy and laughter to their home. Just like many kids around the world, Milo loves to play and explore. He enjoys spending time with his mom and dad, doing fun activities together.

Milo makes every day special for Lauren and Robert. They play in the park and read bedtime stories. Having Milo in their lives is like a daily adventure. It’s filled with love, giggles, and new discoveries.

Lauren Chandiram physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Lauren is a pretty tall lady, like a tree that reaches up high towards the sky. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her also weight is 58 kilograms. This number helps us understand a bit about her size. It’s like when you weigh pumpkins in the fall to see how big they are.

Lauren is just right. She’s not too tall or too small. Lauren perfect for reaching high shelves. She’s also great for playing fun games on the ground with her son, Milo.

Lauren Chandiram Before Fame

Before Lauren became known as Robert’s wife, she was a girl growing up in London. She had a pretty normal life, going to school and playing with friends. Like you, she had favourite subjects in school and fun after-school activities.

Lauren enjoyed doing lots of different things, but back then, she wasn’t famous. She was learning and growing up, like any other kid. It’s filled with learning, playing, and exploring the world.

Lauren Chandiram Career and Professional Life

Lauren Chandiram’s job life is a bit of a mystery because she likes to keep it private. We don’t see her on TV like her husband, Robert. Lauren might work in an office, or she could be taking care of her home and her son, Milo, full-time.

Taking care of your family is a very important job too! Sometimes, people choose not to share everything they do for work, and that’s okay. The most important thing is that Lauren is happy. She enjoys spending time with her family and doing her hobbies.

The net worth of Lauren Chandiram.

Lauren Chandiram has saved a lot of money, kind of like a big piggy bank, but even bigger! People think she has about $1 million in her giant piggy bank. That’s like having a mountain of toys or an endless supply of ice cream!

She doesn’t talk much about how she got so many coins in her piggy bank. But it’s from working hard and being smart. Lauren uses some of her money to do fun things with her family. They go on adventures and make their home cozy and happy. Money isn’t the most important thing to her, but having enough to take care of her family makes her smile.

Lauren Chandiram Famous Reason

Lauren Chandiram became known to many people. This is because Robert James-Collier is her husband. Robert acts on TV, playing different characters in shows that many people watch. Imagine someone in your family being on TV and everyone knowing who they are! That’s a bit like what happened to Lauren.

Because Robert is so well-known, people became interested in Lauren too. It’s like when you have a friend who’s good at something. You get to share the spotlight because you’re their friend. That’s how Lauren became famous, by sharing her life with someone famous.

Lauren Chandiram Nationality and religion.

Lauren Chandiram is from a place called the United Kingdom, which means she is British. That’s a bit like saying if you’re from the United States, you’re American! Lauren is British. That means she might enjoy tea and rainy days. It’s like in the storybooks.

As for religion, it’s something people believe in. Stories about how the world was made or what happens when we do good things are like that. We don’t know what Lauren believes. It’s a personal thing, like having a favorite color or song that makes you happy. Everyone’s different, and that’s okay!

Lauren Chandiram Legacy and Impact

Lauren Chandiram may not be in movies or on TV like her husband, but she’s making her own special mark on the world. By being a great mom and loving what she does, she shows others it’s important to care and share.

She helps her family be happy and teaches her son, Milo, to be kind. Even though she’s quiet about her life, her kindness and the love she spreads are very powerful. It’s like when you do something nice for a friend or your family, it makes a big difference. That’s how Lauren is leaving a beautiful footprint behind.

Lauren Chandiram Future Plains

Lauren’s future plans are like a secret garden, full of surprises and dreams she has yet to share with the world. she will write a book, filled with stories as colorful as the paintings she loves to create. Or , she will start a bigger garden than any before. It will have flowers and trees from all the storybooks she reads.

For sure, she will keep playing fun games with Milo, teaching him new things every day. Whatever Lauren decides to do will have love and laughter. She will fill it with the joy of finding new adventures with her family.


  • Lauren loves to read books. She enjoys stories and learning new things from them.
  • She likes to go on walks. Lauren finds walks fun, especially in parks where she can see trees and animals.
  • Gardening is another hobby of hers. She enjoys planting flowers and watching them grow.
  • She also likes painting. Lauren uses colors to make beautiful pictures.
  • Playing games with her son, Milo, is something she loves. They play board games and puzzles together.
  • Cooking is a hobby too. Lauren likes to try making new yummy foods for her family.
  • Lastly, she enjoys listening to music. It makes her happy and relaxed.

Interesting Facts About Lauren Chandiram

  • Lauren was born in London, which is a big city in the United Kingdom.
  • She is married to Robert James-Collier. He is famous because he acts in TV shows.
  • Together, they have a son named Milo James-Collier. He must be a fun kid!
  • Lauren is pretty tall! She stands at 5 feet 7 inches.
  • She weighs about 58kg, which is just a number that tells us a little about how big she is.
  • People think Lauren has about $1million. That’s a lot of money!
  • Even though she could be famous, Lauren likes to keep her life private. She enjoys quiet time away from lots of cameras and people asking questions.


What is Lauren Chandiram’s favorite thing to do?

Lauren loves reading books. She also loves walking in parks, gardening, painting, and playing games with her son Milo. Plus, she loves cooking yummy food and listening to music. She has many favorite things that make her happy.

Who is Lauren Chandiram married to?

She is married to a man named Robert James-Collier. He acts in TV shows and is quite famous.

Do Lauren and Robert have any kids?

Yes, they have a son, and his name is Milo James-Collier. Milo

brings lots of joy to their family.

How tall is Lauren?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is pretty tall!

How much does Lauren weigh?

She weighs about 58kg.

Is Lauren Chandiram rich?

People think she has around $1million, which means she has quite a lot of money.

Does Lauren like to be famous?

Even though she could be, Lauren prefers to keep her life private and away from too much attention.


In our story about Lauren Chandiram, we learned she is a special lady with a big heart. She’s not the wife of a famous actor but a wonderful mom, too. Lauren loves doing simple things like reading, gardening, and painting. She finds happiness in the small moments with her family and hobbies.

Even though people know her because of her husband, she likes a quiet life. Lauren shows us it’s okay to enjoy the simple things in life and love our family. Remember, being kind and loving what we do makes us special, just like Lauren.

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