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Maria Burton Carson is a woman with an intriguing and somewhat mysterious past. Maria was born on August 1st, 1962, in Munich, Germany. Her biological parents remain unknown to the public. But, she was lucky. The legendary Hollywood couple, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, adopted her. They played the iconic roles of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. At 62 years old in 2024, Maria has lived a life filled with adventure and success. She tried modeling and fashion design in her youth.

Later, she co-founded a talent agency with her first husband, Steve Carson. But, her personal life has had turmoil. Her marriage to Carson ended in 2000. There were public accusations from her ex-husband. Despite this, it’s been said that Maria has remained resilient and has amassed a net worth of $2 million. Maria Burton Carson stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and her weight is 62kg.

Who is Maria Burton Carson?

Maria Burton Carson is a special lady with a big heart and a bright smile. She was born in a faraway place called Munich, Germany. But what sets her apart is that two famous movie stars chose her to be their daughter.

They are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Imagine having Cleopatra and Mark Antony as your mom and dad! Maria tried being a model and making clothes when she was younger, like playing dress-up. Now, she helps other people show their talents to the world. She has lived many adventures and loves to share her joy and creativity with everyone she meets.


NameMaria Burton Carson
Date of Birth August 1st, 1962,
Age62 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceMunich, Germany
Real Name

Maria Burton Carson wasn’t always called by this name. When she was a tiny baby, she had another name given by her birth parents, who we don’t know much about. After they adopted her, the famous stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton gave her a new name. It was full of love.

Maria’s name is special because it connects her to her wonderful new family. It’s like when someone gets a nickname that sticks. Maria’s name is a big hug from her mom and dad. It shows she’s an important part of their star-filled world.

The Early Years of Maria Burton Carson

Maria Burton Carson was a little girl who lived in a big, exciting world. She was born in a place far away, called Munich, Germany. But what made her childhood special was her mom and dad. They were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, like the king and queen of movies.

They chose Maria to be their daughter, which made her life like a fairy tale. She got to travel to new places, meet interesting people, and learn a lot of things. Even as a little girl, it’s clear that Maria’s family loved her very much, and she had a magical beginning.

Parents and siblings.

Two famous people, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, adopted Maria Burton Carson. They were stars in the sky of movies. They loved Maria very much and gave her a happy home.

Maria also has brothers and sisters who were part of her big, loving family. She had fun growing up with them, playing games, and sharing stories. Maria’s family was special. They weren’t connected by birth. But, they chose to be together and care for each other. That made their bond very strong and filled Maria’s childhood with lots of love and laughter.


Maria was once married to a man named Steve Carson. They met when Maria was already doing fun things like modeling and making clothes. Steve and Maria decided to start a business together. They’ll show off other people’s talents to the world.

They thought it was a great idea because they both loved seeing people do what they’re good at. After some time, they had a little boy, which made their family even happier. But, like in some stories where things get tough, Maria and Steve didn’t stay together. They went their separate ways, but Maria kept being strong and kind.


Maria has a little boy who came into her world and filled it with even more joy and laughter. It’s like in stories. Heroes go on adventures. Maria and her son share their own special ones. They read bedtime stories, play games, and explore the world around them.

Maria loves being a mom because it’s like having a best friend who is always ready for a new discovery. They create great memories. The memories are as colorful as Maria’s paintings.

Maria Burton Carson physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Maria stands tall 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 62kg, but the right amount to make her strong and healthy. Think of her like a superhero – not too big, not too small, but right for all the adventures she goes on. Her body is like that of an athlete, ready to play and run in the sun. Maria is the right size for hugging her family and friends. She is also the right size for the fun things she loves, like painting and exploring.

Maria Burton Carson Before Fame

Before Maria became known for all the cool things she does now, she was a regular girl. She didn’t start off with her talent agency or know all about fashion and modeling. Maria was once a little girl who loved to play and dream like you! She went to school, made friends, and learned new things every day.

Even though very famous parents adopted her, her life before all the fame was pretty normal. She enjoyed simple things, like drawing pictures, playing outside, and imagining big adventures. She shows us that everyone starts somewhere!

Maria Burton Carson Career

Maria Burton Carson has a job. She helps people who are great at acting, singing, or dancing to be seen by others. She and her first husband, Steve, made a special place called a talent agency to do this. It’s like when you show your drawing to the class, and everyone claps for you. She likes to find these talented people and give them a chance to shine. fancy clothes and walk so people could see how nice they look.

Maria Burton Carson Net Worth

Maria Burton Carson has a net worth $2 million. She got this treasure by being very good at helping actors and singers show their talents. She also got it from her days of making beautiful clothes. It’s like when you save up your allowance for something special. Maria saved and grew her treasure because she was smart and worked very hard.

Maria Burton Carson Famous Reason

Many people know Maria Burton Carson. Her mom and dad were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They were big movie stars. People know Maria as the daughter of two movie stars. They are as bright as a butterfly’s wings.

She didn’t act in movies. People remember her because her parents were famous. It’s like if your mom and dad were superheroes, and everyone knew who you were because of them. That’s why Maria is famous.

Maria Burton Carson Nationality and religion.

Maria Burton Carson was born in Munich, Germany, which makes her German by birth. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were her adoptive parents. They raised her in America, so she feels American too.

It’s like when you move to a new place and start to feel like it’s your home; Maria has two countries she can call her own. About her beliefs, such as if she follows a religion, it’s very personal. Her keeps it private, like people keep a treasure box that only they know.

Maria Burton Carson Legacy and Impact

Maria Burton Carson’s story is like a shining star that lights up the sky. She shows us that being kind and helping others can make the world a brighter place. like her parents did with movies, Maria uses her talent agency to help people’s dreams come true.

Her love for art and adventures inspires many to follow their hearts and be creative. Maria teaches us that no matter who your family is, you can make your own beautiful path in the world. Her legacy is about sharing joy, kindness, and the courage to be yourself.

Maria Burton Carson Future Plains

Maria’s dreams resemble a chest full of secret treasures waiting to be discovered. She wants to make her talent agency even better, like adding more sparkle to a treasure chest. Maria also dreams of painting more pictures.

She wants to fill the world with colours and happiness. She plans to go on more adventures with her son, finding new stories to tell and new places to explore. Maria believes in making every day special. She turns regular days into exciting quests.


  • Maria loves to paint. She uses a lot of colors to make pictures of flowers and animals.
  • She enjoys reading fairy tales and adventure stories before bedtime.
  • Maria likes to go on hikes. She walks in the woods and looks for birds and butterflies.
  • Cooking is fun for her. She tries new recipes and makes tasty snacks.
  • She has a garden where she grows her own veggies and it’s pretty.
  • Maria plays the piano. She practices every day to play beautiful music.
  • She also likes to swim in the summer, and she builds snowmen in the winter.

Interesting Facts About Maria Burton Carson

  • Maria was born in Munich, Germany, but she grew up with famous movie stars as her parents.
  • She once tried being a model and also making clothes.
  • Maria loves helping talented people get noticed through her talent agency.
  • She lived with her mom, Elizabeth Taylor, when she needed help.
  • Maria has a son who was very little when they moved back with her mother.
  • Even though she isn’t seen in movies, many people know who she is because of her parents.
  • Maria has traveled a lot and lived in different places because of her family’s movie work.


Who is Maria’s real mom and dad?

Maria’s birth parents are unknown. But, movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton adopted her.

How old is Maria?

Maria is 62 years old as of 2024.

How tall is Maria?

Maria is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Does Maria have any kids?

Yes, Maria has a son.

What does Maria like to do for fun?

Maria loves painting. She also loves reading, hiking, cooking, gardening, and playing the piano. She enjoys swimming and building snowmen.

Did Maria ever act in movies?

No, Maria didn’t act in movies, but she is famous because her parents were movie stars.

Where was Maria born?

Maria was born in Munich, Germany.


In the end, Maria Burton Carson has lived a very colourful life, like the paintings she loves to make. She was a girl who grew up with famous parents. She tried lots of things, like modelling and starting her own business.

Maria loves to do many fun activities. She does everything from painting to cooking. She has a big heart for helping others through her talent agency. Maria’s story shows us that no matter where you come from, you can do many amazing things. She teaches us to keep trying new things and to always be kind and helpful to others.

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