Nieku Manshadi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Nieku Manshadi was born in March 27, 1982 in USA. Now his age is 42 years old as of 2024. He may not be a household name. But, he is making a name for himself in entertainment. Manshadi is the husband of American actress Elizabeth Lail.

Their relationship has captured the attention of many. But who exactly is Nieku Manshadi? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at his net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki. Keep reading to discover more about this rising star in the entertainment industry. Also, learn about his life beyond the spotlight.

Who is Nieku Manshadi?

Nieku Manshadi is a dentist, which means he helps people keep their smiles bright and healthy. He was born in a place called America on a day when the sun was shining, March 27, 1982. Nieku grew up with a loving family.

He has a mom and dad, and also a sister who likes to help people smile too, because she’s a dentist like him. Nieku fell in love with a lady who acts in movies, Elizabeth Lail, and they decided to get married. He loves doing fun things like playing games and making tasty food.


NameNieku Manshadi
Date of BirthMarch 27, 1982
Age42 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Nieku Manshadi is what people call him when they talk about him. But when he was a little baby, his mommy and daddy decided to give him a special name, for him.

That name is Nieku Manshadi. It’s the name his parents thought was perfect for him when he first smiled at them. So, when someone says “Nieku Manshadi,” they’re using the special name his mommy and daddy chose. It’s a name that’s all his own, like his smile.

Early Life and Education

Nieku Manshadi grew up in a big country called America, where he learned many things. When he was little, just like you, he went to school every day. He worked very hard and read a lot of books.

Nieku liked science and art classes because they were fun and made him think. After finishing school, where kids go to learn, he decided he wanted to help people in a special way. So, he went to a big school called college to learn how to take care of teeth. He became a dentist, which means he helps you and me have bright, healthy smiles!

Parents and siblings.

Nieku Manshadi has a family who loves him very much. His daddy’s name is Farzin Manshadi, and he’s a businessman who knows a lot about business. Nieku’s mommy, Morgan Manshadi, stays at home, making sure everything is nice and cozy. Nieku isn’t the only kid in his family; he has a sister named Leila.

Leila is a dentist, like Nieku! They both like to help people have shiny, happy smiles. Nieku also has fun cousins named Bijan and Kamron, and they all enjoy spending time together. It’s like having a big team of friends who are also your family!


Nieku Manshadi has a wife named Elizabeth Lail. She’s like a princess from the stories because she’s an actress. This means she pretends to be different people in movies and TV shows, making stories come to life. Nieku and Elizabeth decided they wanted to be partners in life, so they got married.

This means they promised to take care of each other and share their lives together, like in fairy tales. Elizabeth makes Nieku happy, and they like to share lots of smiles. They enjoy doing fun things together, making every day special.


As of now, Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail haven’t shared any stories. They haven’t shared any about having children. It’s like waiting for a birthday or a holiday. Sometimes, grown-ups wait for the right time to start a family.

It’s like in your favorite storybooks. Every chapter brings something new. Nieku and Elizabeth are writing their own story. It’s filled with joy and lots of love. one day, they’ll share a new chapter about children.

Nieku Manshadi Physical attributes: height and weight.

Nieku Manshadi is a very tall man, as tall as a giant from your storybooks! He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. Imagine looking up and up to see his smile. His weight is 80 kilograms, which is like if you took lots and lots of puppies and put them on a scale until it reached 80. Nieku is strong and healthy, which helps him be good at soccer and bike riding. Picture a tall person who can run fast and play all day. That’s Nieku!

Nieku Manshadi Before Fame

Before Nieku Manshadi became known as the husband of a famous actress, he was a kid, like you! He went to school and learned all sorts of things. Nieku loved to study and play, dreaming about the future.

He didn’t know then that he would grow up to be a dentist, helping people keep their teeth healthy and bright. Every day was an adventure, filled with learning, playing, and dreaming. Nieku worked hard and was kind to everyone. This made him a star. He was a star even before he met Elizabeth Lail and became famous for love and smiles.

Nieku Manshadi Career

Nieku Manshadi is someone who helps people smile better because he’s a dentist. Being a dentist means he knows a lot about teeth and how to keep them healthy. Every day, he looks inside mouths, checking if the teeth are happy and strong. He uses special tools to clean and fix any teeth that are hurt.

Nieku studied a lot to learn how to do this important job. He went to a big school for many years to become a dentist. Now he works where people go when they need help with their teeth. He makes sure everyone leaves with a big, bright smile.

Nieku Manshadi Net Worth and Financial Success

Nieku Manshadi is like a treasure hunter. But, instead of gold, he found his treasure by being a dentist. He helps people have sparkly teeth, and because of this, he has saved up a lot of Money. His net worth is estimated to $2 million!

Imagine a big treasure chest filled with gold and jewels; that’s kind of like Nieku’s treasure. He didn’t find this treasure under the sea or on a deserted island, but by working hard and making people smile. Every day, he uses his dentist tools like a map, leading him to more treasure by helping others.

Nieku Manshadi Famous Reason

Nieku Manshadi became famous because he married Elizabeth Lail. Elizabeth is like a star in the sky because she acts in movies and on television. When Nieku and Elizabeth decided to be together forever, people wanted to know who Nieku was. like when you find a new friend at school, and everyone wants to know who they are.

Nieku was like anyone else. But, he married someone famous, so more people started to learn his name. It’s like when a quiet kid in class becomes super popular because they did something cool!

Nieku Manshadi Nationality and religion.

Nieku Manshadi was born in a place called America, making him an American. It’s like being part of a big team where everyone is from the same place. His daddy came from a faraway land called Iran, which is very interesting!

People often have something special they believe in. It’s like stories that guide them in how to be good to others. People call this religion. Nieku’s family has its own special stories, like yours does. It’s something that makes everyone unique and special in their own way.

Nieku Manshadi Legacy and Impact

Nieku Manshadi might not be famous like a movie star or a superhero. But, he’s doing something super special. He is a dentist. He helps many people keep their teeth clean and healthy. This makes them smile every day. Nieku shows us that helping others in small ways can create big happiness.

He doesn’t wear a cape or act in movies. But, his kindness is like a superpower. It makes the world better, one smile at a time. He teaches us that being kind and caring is a wonderful way to leave a mark in the world.

Nieku Manshadi Future Plains

Nieku Manshadi has many dreams for the days ahead. He hopes to help even more people smile with their shiny teeth. he’ll learn new ways to make visits to the dentist fun for kids and grown-ups. Nieku might also plan more adventures with his wife, Elizabeth.

They will visit new places and try new hobbies together. One day, they’ll share stories. They’ll share about having little ones at home. The little ones will fill it with laughter and joy. Nieku’s future is like a big, bright book. It awaits to fill with exciting stories and happy memories.


  • Nieku likes playing soccer. It’s fun to kick the ball and run around with friends.
  • He enjoys reading books. Stories take him to magical places without leaving home.
  • Painting pictures is another hobby. Nieku loves mixing colors to make new ones.
  • Going for bike rides makes him happy. Feeling the wind while pedaling fast is exciting.
  • He loves watching movies with his family. It’s like a mini adventure every time.
  • Cooking is also fun. Nieku tries making yummy foods, sometimes with funny shapes.

Interesting Facts About Nieku Manshadi

  • Niekhu was born in America, but his dad came from Iran.
  • He has a job looking at teeth all day because he’s a dentist.
  • Nicole married a famous actress named Elizabeth Lail.
  • He once had an Instagram account, but decided he didn’t want it anymore.
  • Nieku has a sister, and she’s a dentist too!
  • He’s tall, like six basketballs stacked on top of each other!
  • Niekhu loves spending time with his family, especially his cousins Bijan and Kamron.
  • Even though he’s not on Instagram, he’s still pretty cool.


What does Nieku do?

He’s a dentist, which means he helps people have healthy smiles!

Is Nieku married?

Yes, he is married to an actress named Elizabeth Lail.

Does Nieku like sports?

Yes, he likes playing soccer with his friends.

Can Nieku cook?

He sure can! He likes making yummy foods that sometimes look funny.

How tall is Nieku?

He’s 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Does Nieku have brothers or sisters?

He has a sister named Leila, and she’s a dentist too!

Does Nieku have Instagram?

He used to, but not anymore. He decided he didn’t want it.


In the end, Nieku Manshadi is a special person who does a lot of neat things. He’s not a dentist who looks after teeth, but also a loving husband to Elizabeth Lail, a famous actress. Nieku enjoys simple things like playing soccer, reading books, and cooking fun meals.

You can’t find him on Instagram anymore. But, Nieku’s life is full of adventures and love from his family. Remember, being happy and doing what you love is important, like Nieku shows us. So, let’s keep smiling and finding joy in the little things, like he does!

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