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Patrick St. Esprit. Patrick was born on May 18, 1954, in the USA. He’s made a name in entertainment with his great acting. His career spans over four decades. He gained recognition for his diverse roles in popular TV shows and movies. In this post, we’ll dive into Patrick St. Esprit’s net worth, age, height, and weight. We’ll also cover his family and other interesting facts about him as of 2024. So, let’s get started!

Who is Patrick St. Esprit?

Patrick St. Esprit is a very talented actor. Imagine someone who can pretend to be many different people. They can be a brave soldier or a wise police commander. That’s what Patrick does! He acts in movies and TV shows, making us believe he is those characters. He was born a long time ago, in 1954, which makes him much older than you! When he was younger, he went to a special school to learn how to act.

This helped him become good at his job. Patrick has been in exciting stories on the big screen. One was a big adventure with heroes called “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” He has also played parts in TV shows where he pretends to solve mysteries or lead a team.


NamePatrick St. Esprit
Date of Birth May 18, 1954
Age70 years old as of 2024

Real name

Patrick St. Esprit is a name that might sound fancy, but it’s the real name of a very talented actor! Like you have a name given to you when you were born, Patrick was also given his name when he came into this world.

His full name is Patrick St. Esprit, and there’s no secret nickname or magic behind it. Imagine if your job was to pretend to be different people on TV or in movies. You would still have your real name, like Patrick does.

Early Life and Education

Patrick St. Esprit was a little boy like you, who grew up dreaming big. When he was about your age, he lived in a place called Bridgeport, Connecticut. That’s where he started to like acting. He liked to pretend to be different characters and tell stories.

After he grew up a bit, he went to a special school in New York City called the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. This school is like a magic place for people who want to become actors. Here, Patrick learned all about acting and how to be good at it, like learning spells to become a wizard!

Parents and siblings.

Patrick St. Esprit grew up in a family that loved and supported him. Like most kids, he’s had parents who took care of him and even brothers or sisters who played with him. We don’t know their names or what they liked to do, but they were an important part of Patrick’s life.

They cheered for him when he acted in school plays or helped him with his homework. Families are special. They help us become who we are. Patrick’s family helped him become the great actor he is today!


Patrick St. Esprit found love with a wonderful lady named Tawny Moyer. Tawny isn’t anyone; she’s also an actress, like Patrick! They must have lots of stories to share about acting. Together, they live in a cozy home in Los Angeles.

Can you imagine living in a house filled with stories from movies and TV shows? They also have a furry friend, a cat named Stella. Patrick and Tawny are not partners in love. They are also partners in adventures. They explore the world of acting and enjoy quiet moments at home with Stella.


Patrick St. Esprit is like many people who have families, including children. We don’t have much information about his kids, such as their names or what they love to do. What we do know is that being a parent is a big part of his life.

imagine, Patrick, who acts as strong characters in movies, also plays the role of a dad in real life. Being a dad means he gets to teach, play, and share lots of love with his children, like your parents do with you. It’s one of the most special roles he has ever played!

Patrick St. Esprit physical appeal: height, weight, and figure.

Patrick St. Esprit is 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s like stacking nine big school rulers on top of each other! He weighs 82 kilograms, which is as heavy as about 82,000 feathers!

Patrick takes good care of himself to stay strong and healthy for all the roles he plays. Imagine needing to run, jump, and sometimes pretend to be a superhero or a brave commander. That’s when being fit helps. It’s as in sports, feeling good, Patrick keeps himself in great shape. He does this to do the amazing things in his movies and shows.

Patrick St. Esprit was already famous before he became famous.

Before Patrick St. Esprit became a famous actor, he was like any other kid with big dreams. He grew up in a place called Bridgeport and went to a school where he learned how to act. It’s like imagining playing pretend, but taking classes to get good at it!

That’s what Patrick did. He loved acting so much that he decided to move all the way to Los Angeles to follow his dream. Filmmakers produce many movies and TV shows in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

Patrick St. Esprit’s career

Patrick St. Esprit’s acting adventure began when he was a bit older than you. He started by pretending to be different people on a show called “Police Squad.” This was the beginning! Patrick has pretended to be many characters since then.

He’s been in thrilling movies. He gets to act as heroes. He’s also been in TV shows. In them, he solves mysteries or helps people. One of his biggest adventures was in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” where he got to be part of a huge story. Every time he acts, he gets to live in a new adventure.

Patrick St. Esprit’s Net Worth and Earnings

Patrick St. Esprit has done a lot of acting in movies and TV shows, which is his job. It’s like when you help at home and sometimes get allowance, Patrick gets paid for acting.

He has been saving and working for many years, which helped him earn a lot of money. His current net worth is $3 million. It includes all the money he earned from acting and other sources. That’s a lot of money! It’s like if you saved every penny from your allowance, birthdays, and holidays. You’ve saved them for a long time.

Patrick St. Esprit is a famous actor.

Patrick St. Esprit became famous because he’s a great actor who has played in lots of movies and TV shows. Imagine dressing up and pretending to be different people every day. That’s what Patrick does!

He became well-known for being in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” He acted as a brave leader in the movie. People also love him as a wise police commander in the show S.W.A.T. Imagine being a real-life superhero. You’d help people and solve mysteries. That’s kind of what Patrick does through his acting, and it’s why so many people admire him.

Patrick St. Esprit’s nationality and religion.

Patrick St. Esprit was born in a place called the United States, which makes him an American. That’s like saying if you were born in a place with lots of stars and stripes flags, you’re from there too! As for religion, it’s very personal. It’s about what people believe in their hearts.

We don’t talk about Patrick’s religion here. It’s his private choice. It’s like some people love chocolate ice cream and others love vanilla. Everyone gets to decide what they believe in, like picking your favorite ice cream flavor!

Patrick St. Esprit’s Legacy and Impact

Patrick St. Esprit has touched many hearts with his acting. like a superhero does good, Patrick has made movies and TV shows brighter. He shows us that being brave, kind, and strong are important in stories and in real life.

Every time Patrick acts as a character, he teaches us something new or makes us feel happy and excited. His work in shows and movies has inspired people to dream big and believe in themselves, like he did. Patrick’s story tells us that if you work hard and care about what you do, you can make a big difference.

Patrick St. Esprit’s Future Plains

Patrick St. Esprit is thinking about exciting things he wants to do next. It’s like imagining having a big map of adventures and you get to choose where to go or what to do! Patrick is looking at that map, planning more stories to tell through movies and TV shows.

He wants to pretend to be new characters. a space explorer or a magical wizard. Patrick will bring new tales to life for us to watch. He also dreams of teaching others how to act. He wants to share what he knows about pretending and make believe. It’s like being a captain of a ship, sailing toward new, fun adventures!


  • Patrick St. Esprit loves spending time with his cat, Stella. They play and cuddle together.
  • He enjoys watching movies. like us, he has favorite movies that he likes to watch over and over.
  • Patrick also likes to travel. He visits new places and learns about different people and their ways of living.
  • He has an interest in reading books. Reading helps him learn new things and go on adventures without leaving his house.
  • Patrick likes to cook. He tries making new dishes and shares them with his friends and family.
  • Taking long walks is another hobby of his. It helps him think and stay healthy.

Interesting Facts About Patrick St. Esprit

  • Patrick St. Esprit was born on May 18, which makes him a Taurus. People say Tauruses are strong and kind!
  • He went to a special school called the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to learn acting.
  • Patrick moved all the way from Connecticut to Los Angeles for his acting dreams.
  • He first acted in a show named “Police Squad” which was his big start.
  • Patrick loves animals. He has a cat named Stella.
  • He played roles in big movies like “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
  • Besides movies, you can see him in TV shows like S.W.A.T and Sons of Anarchy.
  • He’s not tall (5 feet 9 inches) but also has a big heart for his roles and his cat!


How old is Patrick St. Esprit?

Patrick is 70 years old in 2024.

What movies is Patrick known for?

Patrick is famous for his roles in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and other movies.

Does Patrick have any pets?

Yes, Patrick has a cat named Stella.

Where did Patrick learn acting?

He learned acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

What shows has Patrick been in?

Patrick has been in “S.W.A.T” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

How tall is Patrick?

Patrick is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Who is Patrick’s wife?

Patrick’s wife is Tawny Moyer.


Patrick St. Esprit has had an amazing journey in movies and TV shows. He loves acting and brings joy to many people who watch him. Patrick also enjoys simple things. He likes playing with his cat, Stella, and exploring new places. He has worked hard and become very successful, making him an inspiration to many.

Remember, if you have a dream like Patrick did, you should go for it and never give up. Patrick shows us that with hard work and love for what you do, you can achieve your dreams. Let’s keep watching and supporting him!

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