Cosmo Pfeil Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Cosmo Pfeil is a talented actor. He has made a name for himself in film and TV. Born on December 9, 1977, in Shoreham, VT, Cosmo is currently 47 years old as of 2024. His captivating performances and charming personality have won the hearts of audiences worldwide. It’s his parents, Jack Gilpin and Ann McDonough, who have been a great support in his career.

Cosmo’s big break came in the TV show The Good Wife. He played Gary Kuharski. He’s also appeared in popular shows like Person of Interest. And he’s been in films like Shotgun Stories. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Cosmo Pfeil’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki in 2024. So, let’s dive in and get to know more about this talented actor.

Who is Cosmo Pfeil?

Cosmo Pfeil is a man who acts in movies and TV shows, making stories come to life. Imagine being a superhero or a wizard by pretending; that’s what he does! He started acting, which means playing parts in shows, in 2004. That’s before you’ve been born!

Cosmo is also known for being tall, like a basketball player, and he loves acting so much. Imagine playing dress-up and make-believe as your job! That’s pretty cool, right? Cosmo shows us that with a bit of imagination, you can be anyone and do anything on screen.


NameCosmo Pfeil
Date of BirthDecember 9, 1977
Age47 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceShoreham, VT,
Real Name

Cosmo Pfeil’s real name is exactly that – Cosmo Pfeil! Like you, he has a special name given to him when he was born. It’s not a made-up name for movies or TV shows; it’s his actual name. His mom and dad, Jack and Ann, thought it was the perfect name for him.

Like superheroes have special names, Cosmo got one that’s all his own, and he uses it both on and off the screen.

Early Life and Background

Cosmo Pfeil grew up in a place called Shoreham, which is in Vermont. It’s a state with lots of trees and beautiful mountains. When he was a little boy, like you, he loved to play and imagine he was in different worlds. His mom and dad, Jack and Ann, are both actors, which means they pretend to be different people on stage or in movies.

That’s why Cosmo liked to use his imagination so much! He had a lot of fun pretending with his family. Growing up in such a creative home helped him to dream big and become the actor that he is today.

Parents and siblings.

Cosmo Pfeil’s mom and dad are Jack Gilpin and Ann McDonough. Like in your family, his parents love him very much and have helped him become who he is today. Both of them are actors, which means they pretend to be different people in movies and plays. It’s like imagining your mom and dad being superheroes or princesses in stories!

That’s what Cosmo’s parents do. Cosmo also has brothers or sisters, like you might have. They are a part of his family who play, laugh, and share stories together. It’s fun to think about how they might act out plays at home!


Cosmo Pfeil married a woman named Betty Gilpin. Imagine marrying your best friend who also likes to act and play pretend! Betty is very special to Cosmo, like a princess from a fairy tale. They decided to be husband and wife in August 2016, which was a happy day filled with love and smiles.

Together, they share lots of adventures and make memories. It’s like in stories where couples go on quests, Cosmo and Betty team up in real life. They also have a little one, making their family even more magical and full of joy.

Cosmo Pfeil Children

Cosmo Pfeil and his wife Betty Gilpin have a little treasure in their life, their child. Imagine having a playmate who is always ready for fun stories, adventures, and cuddles. This little one brings so much joy and laughter to Cosmo and Betty’s life.

like in fairy tales, every prince or princess is special to their kingdom. Their child is special in their family. They share magical moments, from playing in the garden to storytime before bed. Every day is an adventure with their little one, filled with love and new discoveries.

Cosmo Pfeil physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Cosmo Pfeil is as tall as a giant, standing at 6 feet! Imagine looking up and up, and he’s still smiling down at you. His weight i 82 kilograms, which is like if you piled up a bunch of your toys, but much heavier. Because he acts in movies and TV shows, he makes sure he stays strong and healthy.

Think of him like a superhero who needs to be in top shape to save the day. Cosmo’s height and weight are just part of what makes him ready for any adventure on screen.

Cosmo Pfeil Before Fame

Before Cosmo Pfeil became a famous actor, he was a lot like you. He was a kid with big dreams, living in a place full of nature and beauty. Imagine spending your days playing. You would dream up stories and pretend to be different characters. That was Cosmo’s life! His mom and dad, who are actors too, showed him how fun acting could be.

They played a lot of pretend games together, which helped Cosmo learn to be a great actor. Even before he was on TV, Cosmo loved to use his imagination, just like you do when you play with your friends.

Cosmo Pfeil Career

Cosmo Pfeil is like a magician on TV and in movies, turning stories into magic shows for our eyes. He started being a magician of acting in 2004, which is pretty amazing! One of his first big tricks was appearing on a show called “The Good Wife,” where he played someone named Gary. It was like he was part of a team solving mysteries!

Then, he became a part of another story called “Person of Interest” and even a movie named “Shotgun Stories.” Imagine playing pretend and getting to be different people all the time. That’s what Cosmo does, and he loves it!

Cosmo Pfeil Net Worth and Financial Success

Cosmo Pfeil, like pirates, has a treasure chest filled with money from acting! It’s not gold coins but dollars, and he has 2 million of them. Imagine having so many dollars you could buy lots of toys, games, and even a spaceship to to the moon!

Cosmo worked very hard, playing pretend in movies and TV shows, to fill his treasure chest. Every time he pretends to be someone else on screen, it’s like adding to his big, hidden chest of treasures.

Cosmo Pfeil Famous Reason

Cosmo Pfeil became very famous because he acted in a TV show called “The Good Wife”. In that show, he portrayed a person named Gary Kuharski. Many people watched him on their TVs and liked his acting. Cosmo acted as

He made the character seem real. It was like when you play make-believe and pretend to be someone else. Because he did such a good job, many people started to know who he was. They liked watching him because he made the story fun and interesting. That’s how Cosmo Pfeil became a well-known actor!

Cosmo Pfeil Nationality and religion.

Cosmo Pfeil comes from a place called Shoreham in Vermont, which is in the United States. That means he is American, like many people you might know! As for what he believes in, whether he goes to a church, a temple, or somewhere else, that’s a bit private.

People believe in many different things, and it’s special to each person. What’s important to remember is that Cosmo, like everyone, has his own beliefs. But, he shares his talent with everyone, no matter what they believe.

Cosmo Pfeil Legacy and Impact

Cosmo Pfeil is like a star in movies and TV shows. He helps people feel happy when they watch him act. Cosmo shows that being kind and working hard can make dreams come true. People all over the world know him and smile because of his roles.

He teaches us to believe in ourselves and to keep trying, even when things get tough. like in stories, where heroes do great things, Cosmo is a real-life hero to many fans. He shows us that with love for what you do, you can touch many hearts and make the world a brighter place.

Cosmo Pfeil Future Plains

Cosmo Pfeil has big dreams for his future! He wants to keep acting in movies and TV shows because he loves telling stories. Cosmo hopes to work with amazing people and make his fans happy. He also wants to learn new things that can make him even better at acting.

one day, he’ll be in a superhero movie or a funny cartoon voice! Cosmo’s adventure in acting is just starting, and he can’t wait to see where it takes him next. Let’s cheer for Cosmo as he follows his dreams!


  • Cosmo Pfeil loves to watch movies with his family. They pick funny and exciting ones!
  • He enjoys playing games, especially on rainy days. Board games are his favorite.
  • Cosmo likes to read books, sometimes even stories to his child at bedtime.
  • He is a fan of cooking. He tries new recipes and makes yummy dishes.
  • Cosmo also likes to go on walks. He explores parks and finds beautiful flowers.
  • Drawing pictures with colorful crayons is something he does for fun.
  • Playing with his pet dog in the backyard is a special time for him. They run and play catch.

Interesting Facts About Cosmo Pfeil

  • Cosmo was born in a place called Shoreham.
  • His mom and dad are actors too. Their names are Jack and Ann.
  • He got married to Betty in 2016, and they have one child.
  • Cosmo is really tall! He is as tall as six feet.
  • He has been in movies and TV shows. One show is called “The Good Wife.”
  • He started acting for his job in 2004. That’s a long time ago!
  • He once acted with a lady named Taraji P. Henson.
  • Cosmo has a lot of money from acting. He has $2 million!


Who is Cosmo Pfeil?

Cosmo is an actor who plays pretend in movies and TV shows, like being someone else for his job.

How old is he?

In 2024, Cosmo will be 47 years old. That means he’s grown up!

Who are his parents?

His mom and dad are Jack Gilpin and Ann McDonough. They’re very proud of him.

What show made him famous?

He became well-known for playing a character named Gary Kuharski in a TV show called The Good Wife. It’s a show many people like to watch!


In the end, Cosmo Pfeil is a very talented actor who has been in some cool TV shows and movies. He has a lovely family with his wife, Betty, and their child. Cosmo enjoys doing fun things like playing games, cooking, and going for walks.

He has worked very hard and has earned a lot of money from acting. Cosmo is a great example of following your dreams and being kind. Remember, no matter what you like to do, you can be awesome at it just like Cosmo. Keep smiling and trying new things, just like he does!

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