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Grace Avery Costner is the youngest daughter of the famous American actor, Kevin Costner. He is also a producer and musician. He is married to Christine Baumgartner. Grace was born on June 2, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. She is the youngest of the couple’s three children and Kevin’s youngest child. As of 2024, Grace is 14 years old.

She has already captured the attention of many with her charm and striking looks. Her mother, Christine, is a handbag designer for the label Cat Bag Couture. Her father is worth about $250 million. At the young age of 14, Grace stands at around 4 feet and 10 inches tall and her weight is approximately 34kg. Grace has successful parents and her own potential. She is set to make a mark in entertainment.

Who is Grace Avery Costner?

Grace Avery Costner is a special young girl, who has a famous dad named Kevin and a creative mom named Christine. She was born in 2010, making her a joyful summer child. Grace is the youngest in her family, with two older siblings to play and share stories with.

Despite her youth, people know Grace for her bright smile and kind heart. She’s like any other kid who loves to play, draw, and have fun. Imagine having a dad in movies and a mom who makes beautiful bags, that’s Grace’s life!


NameGrace Avery Costner
Date of BirthJune 2, 2010
Age14 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California.
Real Name

Grace Avery Costner’s real name is like it sounds – it’s Grace Avery Costner! When she was born, her mom and dad thought hard about a beautiful name for her. They chose “Grace” because it’s a pretty name that sounds like happiness and peace.

“Avery” is special too, making her name even more unique. Like in fairy tales where princesses have special names, Grace’s name is right for her. It’s the name her family calls her when they play, laugh, and spend time together.

Early Life and Education

Grace Avery Costner grew up in Los Angeles, a sunny place where they make movies and dreams come true. She started going to school, like all kids, where she learns to read, write, and make new friends.

Grace loves her classes. She adores drawing and painting. She’s very creative, like her mom. She enjoys playing during recess and always has fun stories to share with her family at the end of the day. School is a big adventure for Grace, and she’s always excited to see what she will learn next!

Parents and siblings.

Grace Avery Costner has a super cool dad named Kevin Costner. He acts in movies. Christine Baumgartner is the name of her mom. She makes beautiful handbags. Grace isn’t the only kid in her family;

she has two older siblings who she can play and share stories with. They sometimes watch movies together. They also explore outside. And they help their mom with fun projects. It’s like having your best friends living with you! Grace loves her family. They have lots of fun together, making every day a little adventure.

Favorite Foods

Grace Avery Costner loves eating yummy things! Her favourite foods are what many kids like. She might enjoy cheesy pizzas with lots of toppings, like pepperoni and mushrooms. Grace could also like crunchy chicken nuggets.

She might dip them in ketchup or sweet barbecue sauce. For snacks, she may love eating fresh fruits. Like strawberries and bananas. They’re sweet and healthy. And don’t forget about ice cream! Chocolate or vanilla with sprinkles on top is her choice for a cool treat. Eating these delicious foods makes meal times fun for her.

Favorite Games

Grace Avery Costner loves to play fun games that make her smile and laugh. She enjoys playing hide and seek with her siblings, hiding in spots where they can’t find her. Grace also likes board games. She can play them on rainy days, like it’s Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. They take her on exciting adventures at home.

She is a fan of puzzles too, working on colorful pieces that come together to make beautiful pictures. When she’s outside, she loves to skip rope and play tag, running fast and feeling the breeze as she moves.


Grace Avery Costner has friends just like you do! She loves to play and share stories with them. Imagine spending sunny days running around the playground. Or drawing big, colourful pictures on a rainy afternoon. That’s what Grace and her friends enjoy. They might build forts from blankets.

They may have tea parties with stuffed animals. Or, they might pretend they’re explorers on a big adventure. It’s not uncommon for Grace to have friends. They make her days bright and full of laughter. They are like classmates who share secrets and toys.

Grace Avery Costner Height, Weight, and physical attributes.

Grace Avery Costner is not very tall yet – she’s as tall 4 feet and 10 inches! and her weight is around 34kg.

Grace has a smile that can light up any room and eyes that sparkle like stars in the night sky. Her hair is as soft as a fluffy cloud. Even though she’s still growing, Grace already shines bright with her own special kind of beauty.

Grace Avery Costner Before Fame

She liked playing in the park. Grace liked drawing colorful pictures. She also liked spending time with her family. Every day was a new adventure for her, filled with games and laughter.

Grace didn’t think about being famous; she was too busy having fun and being a kid. like you, she loved ice cream, sunny days, and playing with her toys. Grace’s life was about exploring the world with curiosity and joy. She made every moment special in her own way.

Grace Avery Costner Career

Grace Avery Costner is still a little girl, so she doesn’t have a job like adults do. She spends her days learning in school. She also plays with her friends and enjoys fun activities with her family. Right now, her biggest job is being the best student and daughter she can be.

When she grows up, she might decide to follow in her dad’s footsteps into movies or become a designer like her mom. But for now, she’s just having fun growing up and exploring all the exciting things the world has to offer!

Grace Avery Costner Net Worth of the Costner family.

Grace Avery Costner’s family is like a treasure chest. They’ve got a lot of money, which they call net worth. Imagine a big, sparkly treasure chest filled with gold and jewels; that’s like what their net worth is.

Her dad, Kevin Costner, has a treasure chest that’s about $250 million full because he’s been in lots of movies. Her mom, Christine Baumgartner, adds to that treasure with her beautiful handbag designs. Together, they make sure Grace and her siblings can have adventures, just like in fairy tales. It’s like having a magical key to lots of possibilities!

Grace Avery Costner Famous Reason

Grace Avery Costner is famous because her dad, Kevin Costner, is a big star in movies! It’s easy to imagine your dad being in cool films you watch on TV – that’s Grace’s dad. Kevin acts, directs, and makes movies that lots of people love.

When you have a dad that’s known by so many people, it kind of makes you famous too, like Grace. It’s like if your dad was a superhero in movies; everyone would know him, and they’d be curious about you too! So, Grace is special because her dad is a superstar in the movie world.

Grace Avery Costner Nationality and religion.

Grace Avery Costner was born in a big, busy city called Los Angeles. It is in a huge country, the United States of America. That makes her an American, like the stars on the flag. As for religion, people believe in it. It talks about what they think is important in life.

But, you know, Grace’s family likes privacy. They have secrets, like those in a diary. So, we don’t really chat about what religion she follows. It’s one of those personal things everyone decides for themselves.

Grace Avery Costner Legacy and Impact

Grace Avery Costner is still growing, just like a small seed turning into a big, beautiful tree. Right now, she’s learning and playing, which might seem simple but is really important. Every smile, every laugh, and every hug she shares spreads happiness all around her. This happiness is like sunshine and rain that helps everyone grow better.

like a tree gives shade and fruit, Grace’s kindness and joy can make the world a nicer place for all us. Even though she’s young, Grace is like a little light making big, bright changes in her own sweet ways.

Grace Avery CostnerFuture Plains

Grace Avery Costner has big dreams for her future! She’ll become a movie star like her dad or design beautiful bags like her mom. She could also become a superhero or explore outer space! Grace might decide to help animals or become a teacher.

The world is full of possibilities for her. What’s most important is that Grace will choose what makes her happiest. She has lots of time to decide, and whatever she picks, we know she’ll do great things. Imagine all the adventures waiting for Grace as she grows up!


  • Grace loves playing outside. She enjoys running around in the sunshine and exploring nature.
  • She likes drawing and coloring. Grace uses lots of colours to make beautiful pictures.
  • Grace has fun playing with her toys. She has dolls and toy cars that she plays with all the time.
  • She enjoys reading storybooks. Fairy tales and adventures are her favorites.
  • Grace loves to dance. She dances to fun music in her room.
  • She likes to help her mom bake cookies. Mixing the dough and making shapes is super fun for her.
  • Grace enjoys watching cartoons. She has a few favorite shows that she watches with her siblings.

Interesting Facts About Grace Avery Costner

  • Grace Avery Costner is Kevin Costner’s youngest child. She has two older siblings.
  • She was born on June 2, 2010, which makes her a Gemini.
  • Her mom designs handbags, and her dad is famous for movies.
  • Grace is not very tall yet; she’s about as tall as a big refrigerator!
  • She likes certain foods and games, just like you, but we don’t know which ones yet.
  • Grace traveled to Paris, France, when she was a baby with her mom.
  • Even though her parents are very rich, Grace is still learning and growing like any other kid.


What is Grace Avery Costner’s birthday?

Grace was born on June 2, 2010. This means she has a summer birthday and is a Gemini, which is a star sign!

How tall is Grace?

Right now, Grace is about 4 feet and 10 inches tall.

Who are Grace’s parents?

Her dad is Kevin Costner. He acts in movies. Her mom is Christine Baumgartner. She makes pretty handbags.

Does Grace have brothers or sisters?

Yes, Grace has two older siblings. This means she has people to play and have fun with at home!

What are some things Grace likes to do?

Grace loves playing outside. She also loves drawing and reading storybooks. She loves dancing in her room and helping bake cookies. And she loves watching cartoons. She has lots of fun every day!


We learned about Grace Avery Costner. We learned that Grace is Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner’s youngest child. She loves to play outside, draw colorful pictures, and dance to fun music.

Grace is growing up like any other kid. She is young and her parents are famous. But, she is learning new things and having fun. Remember, everyone has their own special story, like Grace!

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